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Children's centre news
Hertfordshire have recently reorganised children's centres and put them into small groups.

Broadfield Primary School won the bid to be the lead agency for three children's centres which are:-Windmill CC; Green Lane CC and Worldshapers CC.

 A network manager will be appointed to lead all three centres and ensure that a good quality service is provided in each area. Parents should not be affected by the changes except seeing staff from other children's centres, as they will work across all three children’s centres.
Please contact Chris Hall (Head of Broadfield Primary School) on if you have any questions.


Windmill Children's Centre works with all our local families and our priorities are:

  •  to see the majority of all under 5s living in our area.
  •  to reduce obesity in children in reception (and to improve breastfeeding figures)
  •  to improve achievement of all children across the EYFS
  •  to support all families that are vulnerable in our community.

Local families can help us with this by encouraging friends/neighbours to register with the centre and encourage those that do not use us to give us a try!!

We work in your community to provide various services to young children aged 0-5 years and their families in Adeyfield, Highfield and St.Pauls.

The Children's Centre will be a central point where families can access information and services from a team of professionals working in a wide range of fields.

The aim of Windmill Children’s Centre is to support services that already exist in the area as well as to provide additional services to help children, their families and carers reach their full potential.

Windmill Children's Centre is proud to announce that it reached Full Core Offer on the 23rd Oct 2009. This means that DCSF (Department of Children's Schools and Families) are satisfied that we are offering the services that Sure Start Children's Centres should be offering.

Windmill Children's Centre

The manager of Windmill Children's Centre is Caroline Merritt. 07909 555 299

Faye Potton is one of our outreach workers. She works 23 hours a week, mainly term time, which means she works 9am-2.45pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can contact Faye via Windmill Childrens Centre or on 0782 470 1266 or email

Rosie Seaman is one of our outreach workers. She works 25 hours a week. You can contact Rosie via Windmill Children’s Centre or on 07824 565 545 or email

Rebecca Vieyra is one of our outreach workers. She works 24 hours a week. You can contact Rosie via Windmill Children’s Centre or on 07787 415 985 or email
Caroline Hector is one of our Family Llearning Support Workers, covering groups. She works full time. You can contact Caroline via Windmill Childrens Centre or email

Claire McCaig is one of our Family Learning Support Workers, covering groups. She works full time. You can contact Claire via Windmill Children's Centre or email

Jan Garwood Jan Garwood is the Children's Centre admin. She can be contacted at Jan is available 8am-3.30pm Monday to Friday
Janice Brightman

Janice Brightman covers Admin on a casual basis

Abbie Harthill is our Playworker

Karen Branch is our Playworker


The centre is open a minimum of 8am-3.30pm during Term Times. Opening Times vary over the holidays, so please check first.

You will need to register with Windmill Children's Centre before taking part in the activities. A registration form can be completed in advance online at Herts Direct by following this secure link (you will need to select 'no' when asked 'Have you visited a Children's Centre before'?)

If you prefer to print off a copy of the Registration form and bringing it to the Children's Centre - the forms are here:-

word Leaflet explaining why we require you to register (185KB)

We desperately need some volunteers to help us run activities, creches and for fundraising activities. If you are interested we will need to carry out an enhanced DBS check (forms can be collected from us and we will pay for this to be done). Please contact us if you would like to join us as a volunteer!



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