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About the Centre

The Children’s Centre has been based at Heath Lane Nursery School since
August 2007. We cover the Hemel Hempstead central area, including Boxmoor, Apsley, and the new and Old Town centre’s.

So what is a Children’s Centre?

We are a one stop shop offering information and advice to parents with children
under 5. We also provide local services that have been requested by our families
including under ones, music and rhymes and stay & play sessions during the
school holidays. We work very closely with other groups within our
community and signpost families to their activities. We have a large range of
information on health, employment, training, parenting support and much much more!!

Where are we?

The Children’s Centre has an office and reception area linked to the Nursery
School and run’s most of our day time sessions at local community venues. We do however use the Nursery School during school holidays, evenings and on some Saturdays. Please see the diary of events for full details of the Children’s Centre services

Outreach Workers

We are extremely lucky to have 2 very experienced early years professionals who can offer 1 to 1 support to families. They cover a range of parenting subjects including routines, boundary setting, behaviour management as well as supporting families to access local services. They also run community based activities within the local community including under ones group, crawlers and walkers, story, music and rhymes, stay and plays. If you want more information about the outreach workers, or would like to talk to Mary or Jess please telephone: 01442 261043.

Within the Hemel Hempstead Central area the following services are available: breast feeding cafe, young parent, baby and toddler group and a community baby clinic. Within the centre area there are four other day care provision’s, four local authority nursery classes, four toddler groups and five pre-schools. The centre also has a childminders support group that run in the local church hall.



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